Celebrating Namuwongo: Social science researchers take notice of the importance of Namuwongo

Colleagues at London School of Economics and Durham University assisted by a former PECTIS project staff member compiled some excellent resident stories and background information on Namuwongo. A photo exhibition is running currently at the National Museum til 28 June: https://www.facebook.com/events/1427033427592361/

Read the interesting blog at: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/africaatlse/2015/05/28/namuwongo-key-to-kampalas-present-and-future-development/Celebrating Namuwongo


Furnishing the PECTIS Namuwongo office

Today, we finally got to put the interlocking bricks to the test, do they work? Over the past weeks, students worked hand in hand with the help of the engineer and instructors to create designs that accommodated the use of interlocking brick to create furniture. Students split into groups designing either tables, shelves, a grey water treatment system or a  french drain. The task helped the students gain an understanding of dimensions of the bricks, how they interlock and ways they can be used to create stable structures. An experience that will be useful in further community design using the bricks.

Field Office Opening

FOBE Students @ Kanyogoga Office Opening

FOBE Students @ Kanyogoga Office Opening

The PECTIS project has opened its field office in Kanyogoga Zone of Namuwongo.

The office will act as classroom, equipment storage, and staging ground for construction projects.

Namuwongo - FOBE students building french drain

FOBE Students building a “French drain” to receive the gutter downspout from the office building.

Community Dialogue and Baseline Survey Validation Workshop

The PECTIS Project Team presented a draft of the baseline survey to members of the public, representatives of local NGOs, and KCCA officials at the Prince of Peace Church in Namuwongo A zone.Listening to a Presentation

In addition, group discussions took place on topics ranging from surface drainage, water and sanitation, and solid waste management.

FOBE Students Reporting Back to the Plenary

The draft of the baseline survey is available for download here.

The executive summary is available here.