About the Project Partners

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The PECTIS project under the Social Development Fund – the small-grants programme of the Embassy of France in Uganda. The SDF aims to stimulate local development initiatives, strengthen civil society and contribute to poverty alleviation. The programme is designed to build the capacity of CSOs to better address the development challenges and meet the needs of local communities.

For more information: Embassy Website; Facebook: Fonds Social de Development Social Development Fund


It will be carried out by three main organizations:SSA LogoSSA: UHSNET is a national network that brings together stakeholders from across the housing and settlement sector to advocate for adequate shelter for all Ugandans. It was established originally as an NGO in 1999 and subsequently formalized as a network in 2009. Through research, advocacy, lobbying and community participation, the Network works in partnership with other organizations to reach its objectives and to initiate change in the housing sector. By working with community groups, key private sector stakeholders and other NGO’s/CBO’s SSA: UHSNET has become a driving force for positive change in Uganda’s human settlement sector.

Role: The network is the lead organisation of this project. SSA: UHSNET’s role in the project is to coordinate the implementers of this project. It will be responsible for funding part of the project, coordinating the activities of the implementers and also disseminating information to stakeholders.


Logo_SUDAThe Sustainable Urban Development Association (SUDA) is a registered non-profit company  in Uganda begun by a group of professionals with a passion for more equitable, participatory, and ecologically friendly development of cities, municipalities and towns in Uganda. Members of SUDA include urban planners, economists, environmentalists, lawyers, and architects.

The Association works in the areas of comprehensive city planning, slum upgrading, as well as advocacy for pedestrian infrastructure, participatory urban governance, and efficient public transit systems in the urban areas of Uganda and the region. The activities aim to influence public officials and opinion leaders on the one hand, but ultimately benefiting all citizens and visitors to the urban areas in question. Since its founding in 2012, SUDA and its members have mainly worked in Kampala, and select secondary towns such as Kasese and Jinja.

Role: SUDA will assist in conducting community-led enumerations, surveys, and mapping. The organization will also carry out the mobilization of the community members in the area.


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The Faculty of the Built Environment at Uganda Martyrs University in Nkozi offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Built Environment, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture.

Role: The faculty will lead the Building Design, Site Analysis, and Feasibility Studies for the various proposed infrastructure projects within PECTIS. A course will be prepared to give 2nd and 3rd year architecture students an opportunity for hands-on learning through a “design-build” practicum.


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