Household and Physical survey in Namuwongo

The PECTIS Community Liaison Officer Joel Ongwech shares his experience during the initial baseline survey:

On the 10th  April 2014, the project team started to carry out the baseline survey in the community of Namuwongo in Kampala. We did household surveys using the questionnaire approach and carried out physical survey using the GPS equipment.

The reason for household surveys was to find out the problems in the community and possible solutions that can be put across from the community members themselves. From the survey, the common problems we found in this community was the lack of adequate public toilets, poor drainage facilities, solid waste disposal and clean water. However, we also noticed that because of this lack some people dump their wastes into the channel, others still use the flying toilets and throw these into the channel as well. There are prepaid water meter points put up in the community but most of them don’t bring in water or their pressure is very low hence low water flow.

While on our physical survey, where I personally was on the lead team, we used the GPS device to map the available toilets, waste disposal points, water Taking Waypoints the edge of the trackspoints, powerlines, schools, churches and drainage. This is to help us understand the distribution of these facilities in the community. We, however, found out there are zones that doesn’t have piped water and few toilets with a few protected spring water which is not very clean to use most especially for drinking.


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