Solid Waste Management Issues in neighboring Nairobi

Solid Waste Management Issues in neighboring Nairobi

It seems that Kampala is not the only place in East Africa with serious solid waste management problems (see link above). The story is similar: municipal authorities are not able to keep up, so private collection trucks fill in the void, but for a price which is only affordable to middle and upper class residents. Compounding the problem, informal settlements lack the road access to bring trucks through to collect. Namuwongo does at least have the railroad reserve which is only partly encroached upon; so, if waste can be brought up to points along the tracks, it is feasible for a truck to be there to collect.

Our friends at the charity Hope for Children have constructed a couple of garbage skips along the tracks with the permission of Rift Valley Railways and are even hauling the garbage to the municipal dump. However, the roles and responsibilities among private actors, Local Councils, and KCCA regarding frequency of collection throughout the community are not yet clear. It is rumored that the lower end of Namuwongo may, in fact, be a net importer of solid waste as private wheel barrow operators collect from middle-class households along Muyenga hill for a fee and dump it (under cover of darkness) either in a garbage skip or in the drainage channels of the informal settlement.


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